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KHEDF Mentorship Program

An effective mentor can provide a subtle form of accountability, but also serve as a coach, the beginning of a professional network and sometimes a friend. 

KHEDF believes maintaining a relationship beyond the  scholarship is key to a student's success.

Our focus in 2021 is to create a mentorship program for students to improve their chances of obtaining a degree.
Tom Borrego
KHEDF Board President
The Kansas Hispanic Education & Development Foundation (KHEDF) Mentorship Program is designed to match College undergraduates currently enrolled in post-secondary education with professionals who will be able to provide additional support, guidance, and mentoring to assist in developing personal, academic, and professional skills. 
The development of these skills will assist in completing post-secondary education and facilitate growth in future and current professional roles.

Additionally, the program would allow companies to identify critical Hispanic Talent for its professional pipeline, allowing recent graduates to pursue careers in Kansas and Local communities.

The Following application is for both Mentors and Mentees applying to KHEDF's Mentorship Program.

Limited Space Available 

Application Deadlines:

Application 2022-2023 Timeline

  • June 4th – August 28th – Application Open
  • September 3rd – 10th – Mentors/Mentee Matching (KHEDF Committee)
  • September 24th – Orientation. (Zoom/In-person)
  • October -  May – One-on-One meetings and Sessions.
  • May - End of Program

Qualifications (Mentees):

  • Candidates must be a College Undergraduate (Freshman– Seniors) that is currently enrolled Full-Time at an accredited post-secondary institution.


Qualifications (Mentors):
We are looking for a variety of Mentors from entry-level to Executive roles with a passion for helping current Hispanic College students navigate college and their chosen career field. These Mentors will assist in the development of their personal, academic, and professional skills.


Please note depending on the number of applicants for mentors you may not be matched with a Mentee. DO NOT let this discourage you from applying to be a Mentor again for the following years. 

Mentee/ Mentor Requirements :

  • Participate in the full Formal duration of the program.
    Begining of academic semester Fall 2022 till the end of the academic semester (9 months)
  • Attend Orientation of KHEDF Mentorship Program
  • Monthly one-on-one mentor/mentee meet-ups to discuss topics related to skills developments (professional/personal/academic), challenges, opportunities, success.
  • Attend at least 2 KHEDF Professional, Academic, and/or Personal development sessions provided by the program.
  • Attend at least one Mentorship program socials in-person/virtual.
  • At the end of the program fill out and submit the evaluation form. 
Mentorship Application

Please use the following material to help you as a mentee.

Mentee Documents

Please use the following material to help as a mentor. 

Mentor Documents
Please use the following Documents to develop your skills. 
Supporting Documents
Once you completed the program please fill out this evaluation form and ensure it is submitted in a timely manner.

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