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KHEDF Mentorship Programs

1. What does mentorship mean to you?

Mentorship means the world to me as without it, I would not have pursued my dream of graduating college. I grew up as the daughter of immigrants and was set to be the first of my family to graduate from college. Because of this, most of my guidance through high school and college came from various mentors. Without them, I would not have experienced a community founded in support & higher education.

2. How did the mentorship experience impact you as a mentor and KHEDF alum?

As a KHEDF alumni, I was able to talk to my fellow scholars and understand that I was not alone through this new experience. Through the program I also grew my knowledge in many skills such as networking, communication, leadership, and active listening. As a mentor, I was able to share what I have learned through the KHEDF program and support others as I was supported. This has impacted me in my career because mentorship is a big part of my role as a high school teacher. I teach and support students everyday, and oftentimes just listening to them is guidance enough. My past mentees, Andrea & Alicia taught me that.

3. What would you tell scholars who are hesitant towards the mentorship experience?

Take the leap. Mentorship is a wonderful experience to go through because you are surrounded by a team of people (your mentor, KHEDF alumni, and KHEDF leaders like Meleny, & Micaela) that help guide you through your own journey. They also teach you how to build your own community of support while hosting workshop events that align with skills and values one needs to succeed. With their mentorship and your acceptance, this opportunity is one of a lifetime.
Michelle Nuñez
KHEDF Alum and Mentor
Think of mentorship as your secret weapon on the journey through college life. It's like having a sidekick who's been there, done that, and is super ready to help you level up. Mentors are like personal guides – they share their smarts, tell epic stories, and help you figure out the path to success. They're not just about books; they're about cheering you on, pushing you to DREAM BIG, and showing you how to turn those dreams into degrees. Mentorship is your backstage pass to making the most out of your college adventure. Juntos let's team up with a mentor and transform your college journey into an epic adventure filled with endless possibilities!


What is Group Mentorship?  

Group mentoring allows mentees and mentors to learn from one another and share meaningful information. The Juntos Vamos Lejos Program provides a space where the cohort (mentees and mentors) can come together to practice skills and share experiences, knowledge, successes, and lessons learned while facing challenges. 

Juntos Vamos Lejos Program

Get ready for an exciting journey with the Kansas Hispanic Education & Development Foundation (KHEDF) and our Juntos Vamos Lejos Program!

Calling all college students in the Hispanic community – we've crafted something special just for you. Picture this: you, as a junior, teamed up with a seasoned professional ready to supercharge your personal and professional goals through support, guidance, and mentorship. It's not just about textbooks; it's about developing those essential soft skills and putting them into action in a dynamic group mentorship setting.

Juntos Vamos Lejos isn't just a program; it's a chance for Kansas professionals in various fields to spot and champion crucial Hispanic talent. And here's the best part – it's your gateway to unlocking incredible career opportunities right here in Kansas and nearby communities. Your journey to success starts now – join us and let's make it happen juntos!

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Juntos Vamos Lejos Registration

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Peer Mentorship Program

Get ready to level up your college journey with KHEDF's latest innovation—the Peer Mentorship Program, making its grand debut in the Fall of 2024!

We get it - mentorship is like the secret sauce for success, but who says it's just for the pros? We're flipping the script and bringing you something even cooler: peer mentorship designed specifically for students like you!

Picture this: a community where knowledge collides with fun, support is the name of the game, and your college adventure becomes an epic quest. Join the excitement and gear up for an unforgettable ride with our Peer Mentorship Program. Because why settle for ordinary when you can make your college experience extraordinary?

We want to make this experience fit your college dreams. Help us make it the best it can be by completing the survey below. Your thoughts and ideas matter, and juntos, we'll create a Peer Mentorship Program that's not just good but legendary!

Peer Mentorship Survey

Interested in more information please contact Meleny Jacome at [email protected].

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