KHEDF Scholars

Below are forms and information for KHEDF Scholars.

Acceptance Form
Please submit the Acceptance Form and mail the form to:
PO Box 4248
Wichita KS 67204

Enrollment Verification Form
The Enrollment Verification Form (EVF) serves as a document that a student is enrolled full-time for each semester and to verify the student’s grade point average.

  1. Complete the Enrollment Verification Form after you are officially enrolled and
    after your grades have been posted each semester.
  2. Sections A and B should be completed by the student and must be typed. These sections cannot be handwritten.
  3. Section C should be completed by the Registrar Office and may be handwritten.The Registrar Office normally will mail the form to KHEDF.
  4. At the bottom of the EVF there is information where to mail, email, or fax the EVF.
  5. After the form is received by KHEDF, a check for the semester funds will be mailed to a student’s account.
  6. September 15 is the deadline to submit the EVF for the fall semester and February 15 is the deadline to submit the EVF for the spring semester.
  7. It normally will take the Registrar office 10 days to process the checks once they receive it, so the sooner you submit the EVF the sooner, your funds get posted on your account.

Academic Action Plan
KHEDF Scholars who do not meet the required GPA, must complete the Academic Action Plan to be considered for academic probation. The form should be submitted by September 30 for the fall semester and February 30 for the spring Semester.

Student Accounts

Scholarship funds will be posted on your student account depending on the scholarship your received.

  • Butler Community College—Kansas Hispanic Education & Development Foundation
  • Friends University—Friends University Leadership Scholarship
  • Kansas Hispanic Education & Development Foundation
  • Kansas State University—Kansas State University Opportunity Scholarship
  • Newman University—Newman University/Kansas Hispanic Education & Development Scholarship
  • University of Kansas—University of Kansas FAS Scholarship
  • WSU Tech—WSU Tech Horizon Scholarship or WSU Tech
  • Wichita State University—WSU Admissions Institutional Award